Car Wash Q & A

Why does my vehicle's paint look so dull?
The sun is the number one environmental enemy in attacking the shine of your vehicle's paint. The ultraviolet rays produce heat that can reduce the "durability" of your clear coat finish. Wax and polish films provide a reflective "shine barrier" between your vehicle's paint and the elements.

Why should I have my car detailed?
Detailing is probably one of the least understood, but more valuable services you can get for your vehicle. Your auto is an investment. Regular detailing will protect and keep it looking new as long as you own it. If your vehicle has been neglected, detailing will restore a showroom look and feel. If you are selling or trading your vehicle, a detail will assure a quicker sale while increasing the value hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Why should I clean my engine?
Engine cleaning is one of the first steps to "preventative maintenance." Just like you would change the oil in your vehicle, cleaning the engine is an essential part of the maintenance of your vehicle. Engine detailing is more than cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, it protects and increases your investment!


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